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Products and tools for the Industrial Internet of Things

IOT Platform Cloud Coiote


CoIOte Core

Smallest IoT module

33.3 x 33.3mm board make coIoTe module the most compact Open Source platform on the market.

PCB Bluetooth Antenna

Meander antenna is on-board to minimize PCB and development cost.

IOT Platform Hardware Coiote

System On Board

All in one small board: 16-bit processor, local and geografic wireless connectivity, many customizable I/O lines, standard 3.6V power Supply

API with TCP/IP protocol suite

Whole set of Application Protocol Interface to manage data communication

coIoTe IDE

Download it and play! You can start to develop in C language in few minutes Fully integrated environment compiler and downloader Rapid check for you ideas: develop, download and try!

IOT Platform IDE Coiote




Enables users to access their own sensor data from coIoTe nodes Access coIoTe web console to display your sensor data in beautiful charts. Visualize real-time and historcal data in a smart graphic view. Smart graphic elements available.

IOT Platform Cloud Coiote


Why choose Us

All components in one only Open Source platform.

Cost effective

No need for new hardware design, free tools and no software licences cost reduce dramatically all the upfront design costs. The complete hardware design is already done by CoIoTe: you can have an optimized coIoTe node also for a single installation.

Rapid deployment

CoIoTe development tools are available for a rapid, efficient and software development of your IoT application. Once the software development is complete you can immediately connect your devices to the cloud without any hardware prototyping and production.

Wireless connectivity

CoIoTte Nodes with embedded wireless connectivity makes installation simple also in remote sites thanks to hits special features.

IOT Platform Features Coiote


Flexible and Modular

CoIoTe is Fully modular: you don’t need our hardware to work with our Cloud, you don’t need our Cloud to work with our hardware.

Robust IoT nodes

Equipped with Industrial standards interfaces, coIoTe nodes can also supply Sensors and Devices via the RS48, RS232 and I2C. IP54 Housing, fixing elements, protected power supply, solar panel ease the installation also in harsh environment.

Cloud platform

MQTT protocol libraries allow you to realize a state of the art communication layer, based on publish-subcribe paradigms. CoIoTe Cloud based on ActiveMQ broker and MongoDB, is available to work with your own sensors data management deployment.

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